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Ranking Sistem

First of all, i would like to congratulate the people who made this web site, it's trully amazing what you guys got here. smiley

Know, back to bussines. There seems to be a lot of games in the page, it's very overwhelming the acctual number of them. Naturally its hard to browse them.

I don't really dont know how to do it, but it would be nice if you cuold add a rating system, cero to five stars for example, that way we can find the best games on each console or even find a hidden beauty.

I thought it was a good idea, maybe we could even make reviews and comments on them.


So...  what do you think??







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Thanks for the kind words.You can rate the game on the game page (on the left) with a five stars system.

Now we need to filter them by ranking, true.I can add comment / review system in the future but not now, I'm currently fighting spammers trying to abuse the website.

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Good idea!

Good idea!