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Hi, i sent a PM to admin yesterday, but now i cant seem to find where is the inbox to check for reply?

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Hi i am playing Golden Sun-The Lost Age an i can't jump the only button's that are working is X an C these are the one's that are not working V,B,S,D,F,G are not working can you help me with that?

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not sure if you're trolling or not :/... but jumping is automatic for golden sun and if you want to check your pm mail box I'm afraid it's a bit of a round about way of doing it as there is no actual button for it. One way is to send yourself a PM (usually right when you log in) you will be sown an optin to see any messages sent or recieved from there. There is no "auto alert" to tell you when you've recieved messages at this time so you will have to check it manually. Hope this helped you.

Happy Gaming :)

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Okay, that needs to be fixed!

Okay, that needs to be fixed! PMing in-site is a 21st Century thing online. So now I know why I haven't gotten answers from any of my PMs.  Was the site brought online when it wasn't ready. And we thought Obamacare had a bad roll out.

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Click on your username on top

Click on your username on top on page.Then you should be able to access your messages.