Pokemon Emerald, my game won't save

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Pokemon Emerald, my game won't save

I've been playing for a few hours on emerald, and I have had no problems saving in the past. When I click the save button, nothing happens.

In the past when I click save there was an option that says 'overwrite' file? and I would hit yes. Now when I click save nothing happens, just wondering if this can be fixed without having to refresh or anything because I don't wanna risk ruining hours of playing... went from lvl 23 marshstomp to 54 swampert today..

I dont want to refresh the page, just wondering if i can salvage my save.

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Cannoit save the game..

Dear Friend,

I Have the same problem. i saved the game but wen i logout n login all the progress is deleted. i have to start a new game.. pls help

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Can u enter the menu to save

Can u enter the menu to save like a real gameboy game? if that doesent work the u will have to refresh and save freguantly