Silly Question xD [Pokemon Gold/Silber]

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Silly Question xD [Pokemon Gold/Silber]

I have one question. Is it possible to switch the Pokemon from gold to silber?
I think I know the answer, but I ask before it is possible and I don't do it xD
A friend of mine is playing the silber version and I am playing the gold Version.
It would be very nice, when you can answer my question.

By the way, I am very sorry for my poor english, but I am from Austria. I hope you can understand what I wrote xD
Thank you very much.


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Unfortunately, no. There is

Unfortunately, no. There is currently no way to trade pokemon to other games. This is not likely to be possible soon/at all either, as this would take tons of coding, setting up dedicated servers, etc.

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Could there be a alterneteve mode to the website where u can load your pokemon onto it and battle/trade? Or make a new website and you could type ur gaming oldies profile in it and your pokemon from (Selected game) would load for you to battle with other poeple