Super Metroid Commands Not Working

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Super Metroid Commands Not Working

Hi admins, I'm still hoping you guys can restore my Dragon Warrior II game to around 2 AM Eastern USA time, May 19, 2014... in the meantime I tried to play a game of Super Metroid but was met with a road block. If you have played Super Metroid you know it has angle Up and angle down shooting programmable commands. Well they aren't working. I programmed angle up for the "G" key and it registers at the "D" key. I programmed angle down for the "B" key and it judoes nothing. I have tried 3 times to program the down command and Up but all have failed. Oh and btw, I tried every possible key you have listed belw games and none of them bring up the down action of shooting.

Thanks for your ear. :)

Sorry I placed this in MES.