Problems with GBA and NES games

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Problems with GBA and NES games

I can not get the GBA and NES games to load. When I try to start it, a red bar loads up and will not move and start the game. It seems to happen with all NES and GBA games even though I used to be able to get it to work. I tried all several games from each and none worked. Also, I decided to see if it happened in all Nintendo games, but the SNES, GB, and GBC games worked. If anyone has found how to fix this problem please tell how.


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Please try to clear your

Please try to clear your browser cache, close the browser, and reboot the computer.

Please tell me if it fixes it for you. It did for several other people, some stupid cache is screwing it up.

Also it would help me to know which browser you are using to fix this problem one for good.