Dragon Warrior II NES Hargon's Castle Saving

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Dragon Warrior II NES Hargon's Castle Saving

Hi I need clarification about something from either someone who has done this or from the Admins who know how they set the system.


In Hargon Castle I am told are 3 mini-bosses that you can defeat , then leave the castle and go refresh and come back and the mini-bosses will still be gone "As long as you do not save and then load your in-game save they will not return." 

Can any players or Admins confirm for me that that quote is not applicable to this site. That I can go to Hargon Castle, defeat the first three mini-bosses, go to Rhone Monolith save with the king and Save from the bottom of the site's prompts and then come back at a later time and load the game go back to Hargon Castle and those three mini-bosses will still be defeated?



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In-game save does not affect

In-game save does not affect the fact you will get your game back when you close browser and start it.You can use in-game save if you want.

But to do a proper save to the server (linked to your user account), you need to press SAVE button below the game, then reload with LOAD button. That's a called a save state.

Hope it answers your question.