Reloading screwed game?

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Reloading screwed game?

Hey guys. I just got into serious trouble. I was playing Pokemon Ruby on this site (obviously) and finally got to the point where I was able to catch Registeel. However my Wailord used Whirlpool (which damages foe every turn automatically) and because of my stupidity i saved the game AFTER that. I have realized I saved a game when Registeel´s HP was too low for more than one try of catching it. Now I am stuck with dying Registeel and only thing I have are a bunch of Greatballs.So is there some miracle way to reload former or previous game? I spent a lot of time catching and lvling my pokemons.Thanks for any ideas.(PS: I apologize for my bad English. It´s not my first language.)

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I have reverted your save

I have reverted your save back using admin's system.Soon you will be able to revert your save by yourself (max 3 saves "back").

Tell me if it's good for you.