Sound Lag

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Sound Lag

Hey new, here- just found this site, and think it's a god-send. I am having a small problem on my end. Im playing Pokemon Fire Red, and there is a bit of a lag- it sreally only noticeable with sound. I've updated my flash and closed all background programs. What else should i do. Im using a Surface 2 Pro if that helps.

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it happens with me on a

it happens with me on a different computer but on this one it's fine i think you might need a better computer

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Oh.You're using a Surface 2

Oh.You're using a Surface 2 Pro.That's amazing !!! I would not even think this website would work on Surface.

So well, only fix since Surface 2 Pro is really slow and not really a computer but more a tablet, I suggest playing without sound (toggle it off with the dedicated button).