Game spotlight: Dig Dug 2

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Game spotlight: Dig Dug 2

                             Everybody knows dig dug, a game where you drill tunnels and defeat monsters.

That game got a sequel, Dig dug 2 (sometimes with the subtitle "Trouble in paradise") there is no digging OR rocks, instead dig dugs drill has a new feature: you can now jack hammer soft brown spots in the island to create cracks in the island, and if they make a shape... KABOOOM!!! that section of the island falls in the ocean(!) and everything on it (including dig dug). 

TIPS: Enemies take long to go over cracks, so try making your self a fort!

Instead of just pumping, run towards your foes and rapidly push the pump button, this is much faster and it also works in the first game!

The nes version is on game oldies, but not the arcade version.


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i have this for NES

i have this for NES