My Game Vanished

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My Game Vanished

Hi, this is my first day here and I'm trying to figure things out. Let me say maybe it's my system but the game I was playing was so slow it slowed my body system down. Oooh!!  So I was playing Zelda II AoL and after taking forever to amass leve 3 EPs and 2 points shy of 1000 I had just killed the Ironknuckle guarding the Candle when my game just vanished and the list of games screen came in.


Is that normal? Are these just demos to get us to download the game or can we play the entire game from the page? Also can you please speed up the Zelda II game to play like it should. And PLEASE, PLEASE darken the typeface. It's like looking into the sun. Thanks!


My comp info: Not the best but it workd for me.


My comp is: eMachine Model T3642

Windows Vista Home Premium SP2

I E 8

AMD Anthion 64 Processor 4000+ 2.60 GHz


1.00 GB RAM

Recovery is 4.52 of 10.6

Local Disk C; is 157 of 222




I do not wish to load Firefox of Chrome



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Your computer is way too

Your computer is way too underpowered for running emulated games in Flash.

Sorry for that bad news :(