Problem with saved game

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Problem with saved game

Having trouble opening a saved game in Alundra......l save in the game and when l come back to play Alundra it says there is no save spot


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 did you click load? Also

 did you click load? Also when you saved it did you wait until the screen finished being darkened.

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pokemon save

<p>my pokemon game pokemon glazed when i saved and now when i load it up its a black screen and i waited a long time for it to load up</p>

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antman I had a look to your

antman I had a look to your saved game and for some reason I can't figure I cannot restore it right. Did you save at a specific point ?

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cant play a game

when i want to play a game nothing happens the bar in the bottom is the only thing that appears

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me too in pokemon glazed i

me too in pokemon glazed i was about to pick my starter then i saved it and left for a while came back and i clicked load and it didnt work but it says i have its save spot


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CEmilie9298 you need Flash

CEmilie9298 you need Flash Player 11.8 to play here : if you use Firefox or IE.Or use Chrome, it inculdes up to date Flash Player.

ZaneGamer you need 

1. Save using the SAVE button below the game. Saving ingame does not save to server.

2. Load using the LOAD button below the game.