Worried about overwriting a saved game:

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Worried about overwriting a saved game:

I am kind of concerned. Lets say I have a saved game with over 10hrs played. I load up the game and instead of hitting F2 i accidently hit F1. Did I just overwrite my 10hrs played? What if I accidently hit F3?!? It would be amazing if I could have a history of saved instances for my games. Maybe you can save a total of 5 games with 5 saved instances per game. This way if i accidently hit F1 instead of F2 i will still have my saved intance.


I did notice there is a My Saved Games section, so I went there and it just basically lists the games I have saved. I am not able to load my game from there (which would solve my problem TBH) all that section does is go to the game I am playing I still have to hit F2 to load my game which means I still at risk of overwriting my saved game.


Also, sort of a side question when ever i save my progress it freezes my game and I have to reload the page. I am not able to save and continue on with my game. Is this normal??


edit: if you want you can remove this thread. Sry about this I should have taken the time to read the other threads about this. The confirm to save will definetly fix this potential problem. But could you still address my 2nd question, is there a way to save the game and continue playing without having to refresh the page??

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I do know if u hit f3 by

I do know if u hit f3 by accident it doesnt erase your game u can still load but i havent dared tried to save over another file


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F3 = Reset 

F3 = Reset 

F2 = Load

So yeah in both cases you lose your save