Pokemon games are not working PLEASE HELP

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Pokemon games are not working PLEASE HELP

I have tried to play some Pokemon games but they are not loading and a white square just appears where, I'm assuming, is where the game is supposed to be when I played it. I made an account very recently and I need help starting these games. I have not managed to play a game here before (but only because I am very new and this is my first post). Any help is appriciated. Thanks!

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Welcome aboard.The games use Flash Player 11.9 or better.

First, you can only play on PC, or Mac (Windows, Mac, Linux).If Linux install Chrome, only Chrome works in Linux.

If PC/Mac, install Chrome  (bundled Flash) or download latest Flash here : http://get.adobe.com/fr/flashplayer/

If playing from Android tablet or iPad, there's no way to play the games.