xbox 360 no go

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xbox 360 no go

hi admin sorry to trouble u with all this nonsense.i tried to do what u suggested with xbox 360 controller turn on game then pull out then back in i tried this is on a preaty new pc and a brand new laptop.the pc is telling me its reading new device plugged in but nothing plssss help dying to play this game idk how to with keyboard thanks you in advance is.a loyal player customer ty good day.


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you may need drivers for it to work. Hope this helps.

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dmst505 this works for me

dmst505 this works for me white WHITE, WIRED XBOX360 controller.1. Let the game load and begin

2. Unplug if already plugged

3. Plug it

4. Try A/B/X/Y/Select/Start buttons.  Should work.

Tried in Firefox = > OK, in Chrome even better, no need to plug/unplug since last update, sounds like Adobe & Google are fixing the bug.