for destiny of an emperor

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for destiny of an emperor

can anyone help me how to cast away weaker allies i can't recruit stronger allies because i can't cast away your present allies,please help thanks


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getting rid of allies


Still stuck with the Song brothers?

In a few cities there is a recruitment/reserves center.  You get rid of your weak generals by putting them in the reserves (Delete member). In the first chapter (yellow scarves) there is only one city you can do this in, the first castle you get to after the starting town. You cant get rid of important characters this way.

If you 'fire' them they are removed from the reserves, as the reserves has a limit on how many you can keep there (60?).  If you fire them they will return to being a general you can randomly fight if that is how you got them.  Otherwise if you got them by simply talking to them in a town, they are deleted from the game and you cant get them back, I think.