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Pokemon Games

I know this sounds weird, but I think there should be all kinds of pokemon, regardless of the region or kind it is. In my childhood, there was a pokemon game called: Pokemon Quartz.
I had this and it was the only pokemon games I had fun with before I had a DS. I was wondering if anyone can upload all kinds of pokemon.

Sorry if It's a bit too much.

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Okay I can add Quartz if you

Okay I can add Quartz if you want but it's an hack, not an official game.

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New Pokemon

Can you PLEASE add more new Pokemon games? Doesnt matter if they are hacks or not, I'm getting bored by the games as I tried them all at least once -.-

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hey admin add digimon pokrmon

hey admin add digimon pokrmon hack u have to patch fire red with this link http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=268288 once you download the patch

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Speed Up Pokemon Light Platinum

is there any way to speed up or make Pokemon Light Platinum faster, when i played it a while back, it runs like a snail. if there is way to do it. please let me know.



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Is there anyway you can add

Is there anyway you can add the classic Pokemon Color games like Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold? Thanks!